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Antalya playgroup is a complete family sports center with children’s activities, pilates, yoga and functional training options for adults.

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Baby Development Workshops, Parental and Parentless Playgroups, Children's Sports (Gymnastics, Swimming, Movement training, Dance, Zumba, Child yoga), Sensory Integration Workshops for Children, Orff Schulwerk Groups, We have many programs of Preschool Preparation Orientation Groups and Full-time summer school, full-time half-day winter school.







Antalya Playgroup, all parents who are wondering how to play games with your children between 6-36 months, who want to spend productive time together or who want their children to spend time with their peers can participate. As Antalya Parental Playgroup, we organize playgroups in order to provide a group environment full of language, cognitive, emotional, social and motor skills enhancing games and to strengthen the communication between parent and child.


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Cingöz Kids Family Sports Center, we offer services where you can easily do sports for both your children and yourself.


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Child Development

Cingöz Kids, we prepare your children for life together with trainers who are experts in their fields and have worked for many years.

Konyaaltı Playgroup

Playgroup is a program where children get together with their peers on certain days and hours, play games under the control and supervision of experts, and develop their cognitive, mental, sensory and physical skills together with their peers in a social and safe environment. In the playgroup, children effectively spend the most decisive period of their lives, infancy and childhood, by making an accelerated development in cognitive, mental and physical aspects, within a game planning determined by an expert. It will be much more beneficial for children to play with their peers compared to playing alone or with older family members. On the other hand, thanks to the playgroups that do not have a uniform and standard program, children will learn new games and activities that they can play at home with their parents. In this respect, parents will also be able to spend more qualified, productive and useful time at home with their children. Playgroup is not a program that every child must participate in. The participation of children who want to join the Konyaaltı playgroup to the playgroup, benefiting from the supportive, educational and developer activities, exercises and games of the Konyaaltı playgroup will be the most accurate approach to infancy and childhood, which are the most decisive periods of an individual’s life. Because, the gains to be obtained thanks to the playgroup will significantly increase the quality of life and individual characteristics of the child.

What is Playgroup?

The age difference between babies or children in the playgroup is 10 – 12 months at most. Because, the distinctive feature and main purpose of the playgroup is to enable children to play with their peers in a safe environment. As a matter of fact, the learning process of children who do activities and play games with their peers is much more successful. Playgroups, usually consisting of 10-12 children, operate in a safe environment created by taking into account the characteristics of children, under the supervision of experts. Playgroups should be one or two days a week – except in exceptional circumstances. Content, activities, games, toys and materials prepared for children within the scope of Konyaaltı playgroup, that is, all elements of the playgroup, are determined in accordance with the ages and characteristics of the children. Because, preparing each of the games and activities specific to the child will significantly increase the benefit that the child will derive from the playgroup. The duration of the playgroup is determined by the expert according to the age and characteristics of the child concerned.

What are the Benefits of Konyaaltı Playgroup?

Konyaaltı playgroup provides an ideal environment for children to establish social interaction and develop through this interaction. Although there are many gains that children can gain thanks to the playgroup, its contribution to children’s motor skills and language development is among the most important benefits of the playgroup. Considering that infancy and childhood are the most decisive periods in the

formation of a healthy character in an individual’s life, it is obvious how critical the playgroup is. Thanks to the playgroups, where children will acquire new skills, parents have the opportunity to have a safe environment under the control and supervision of experts, without having to seek help from a caregiver for the care and supervision of their children. Another gain that can be achieved thanks to the Konyaaltı playgroup is that the communication and interaction of parents with their children will be more qualified, dynamic and healthy thanks to the parent playgroups. The importance of the playgroup can be clearly seen when the problems such as asociality, introversion and difficulty in self-expression caused by the poor parent-child relationship, especially when working parents cannot spend enough time with their children.

The playgroup, which has numerous important benefits for babies and children, is a program that should be considered by parents who want their children to have a dynamic, active and active childhood.